Tasmanian households are being encouraged to take part in big weekend of garage sales on 20 and 21 October as part of a national event that highlights the benefits of re-using quality, unwanted items.GarageSaleTrail

For the first time, the Garage Sale Trail will be promoted in Tasmania’s three regions, coordinated by the regional Waste Management Groups and representing 26 of the state’s municipal areas. A total of 148 councils are participating in the event nationwide.

The Cradle Coast and Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Groups along with Waste Strategy South have supported their member councils to take part.

Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Group Chairman, Shane Eberhardt believes that state-wide promotion of the event will boost awareness of the environmental, social and financial benefits of buying and selling second-hand.

“Too many good quality household items and materials unnecessarily end up in landfill. It’s a waste of resources and adds to landfill management costs,” Shane said.
“Garage sales are an ideal way to clear out unwanted goods while making some money and connecting with your local community.”

The latest findings from the Gumtree Second Hand Economy Report 2018 reveal the average Australian household has $4200 in unwanted items and a staggering 50% admit to throwing unwanted items away rather than reusing, re-selling or recycling.

In addition, 88% of Australians have at least one cluttered room according to data released by the Australian Institute.

To help prepare for the event, de-cluttering workshops are being held in some areas, sharing tips for sorting items and how to decide whether to keep, sell or recycle.

“There are more than 150 Tasmanian garage sales already registered in the event and it’s great to see the number is steadily growing. People can host a sale and promote it on the Garage Sale Trail website or use the website to find sales to shop in their local area,” Shane said.

“Contact your local council to find out how to get involved and what support is available to promote your garage sale. It’s a simple way to act more sustainably by passing on items you no longer want to someone who does.”


If you’d like to host a sale or shop the trail you can find maps and register at http://garagesaletrail.com.au