Bring a reusable cup for your next takeaway coffee

Tasmanians love their coffee, but the number of single use, disposable cups ending up as litter or in landfill is a growing problem.

Most disposable cups look like they’re made of cardboard and therefore can be recycled.  The reality is that takeaway cups are usually lined with plastic film to help make them watertight.  This plastic can’t be recycled in Tasmania, so the cups end up in landfill.

Across Australia, around one billion disposable cups are used every year and they are now a major contributor to litter, second only to plastic bottles.  If disposable cups end up in our waterways and oceans they add to the big problem of plastic pollution.

So what can you do?

  1. Bring your own reusable cup or mug when ordering your next takeaway hot drink.
    There are plenty of stylish and affordable options available, often with lids.  You may already have a favourite cup at home that you can use.
  2. Take the time to sit in and enjoy your hot drink, rather than getting a takeaway.
    It can be great for you to take a break, and it’s great for the environment too.
  3. If you have to get a takeaway and you don’t have your own reusable cup with you, then say ‘no thanks’ to the lid if it’s not really necessary.
    Once finished, put the disposable cup in the garbage bin and NOT the recycling bin.  If you do have a lid, place that in the recycling bin.

Changing habits can take time but each time you avoid using a disposable cup you’ll be doing your little bit for Tassie.  Now there’s a good sort!

Reusable cups