Illegal Dumping

Think it’s too hard or too costly to get rid of bulky unwanted items such as fridges, cars, loads of rubbish or tyres?

Local councils are acting to stop illegal dumping, with more affordable, safe and easy disposal options than ever before.

Many waste transfer stations take electronic goods, green waste, tyres and big loads of rubbish for a small fee. Tip shops and charities are interested in reusable furniture.  When you buy new tyres you can usually leave your old ones for recycling, and car wreckers use the parts in vehicles that no longer go.

We’ve compiled lists of waste services in the North West, North and South of Tasmania so you can safely dispose of bulky, unwanted rubbish:

Can’t find what you’re looking for on our list? Try searching in an internet browser because there are many other commercial providers in Tasmania willing to recycle or dispose of waste items for a fee.

And….If you find dumped waste in a public place, be a good sort and report it to the landowner – that may be your local council, Parks and Wildlife Service or other State Government department.  You can also report it to EPA Tasmania.

Illegal dumping threatens the health of Tasmania’s environment and wildlife and can lead to long-term contamination of land, waterways and groundwater. Dumping of waste and garbage is an offence under the Litter Act 2007 and can attract court penalties.

With more people keeping watch and reporting what they find, anyone illegally dumping waste is more likely to get caught. Read about the effective work of council regulation officers in identifying and deterring illegal dumping offences here.