Household dry-cell batteries including alkaline, lithium, watch batteries and cordless drill batteries can be recycled in Tasmania, just not through your kerbside recycling bin.battery-going-going-gone

When mixed in your kerbside bin, they cannot be easily separated and can contaminate the other recyclables.  They also pose a fire risk within the bin and the collection trucks.

Instead, special drop-off points have been set up in many local Council offices and Waste Transfer Stations.

Batteries are collected by Toxfree, sorted and safely shipped to processors who recover materials from the different battery types as inputs to new products.

So when your household batteries are going, going, gone; give them a second life by recycling at your nearest drop-off point:

Cradle Coast Region: Burnie, Devonport, Central Coast, Latrobe, Kentish, Waratah-Wynyard and Circular Head Council offices, plus some Waste Transfer Stations.

Northern Region: Launceston, West Tamar Council (Riverside and Beaconsfield offices), Break O Day, Meander Valley, George Town and Dorset Council offices, plus major Waste Transfer Stations.  In the Northern Midlands, the battery recycling point is at the Longford Waste Transfer Station.

Southern Region:  Hobart Council Centre,  McRobies Gully Waste Management Centre,  Resource Work Cooperative Tip Shop (31a McRobies Rd),  Battery World (cnr Argyle and Warwick St),  Eastern Shore Batteries (Clarence St),  Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station,  Jackson Street Waste Management Centre (Glenorchy),  Oatlands Waste Transfer Station,  Campania Waste Transfer Station and  Dysart Waste Transfer Station (Southern Midlands),  Peppermint Hill Tip (Derwent Valley), New Norfolk and National Park Waste Transfer Station (Derwent Valley), Southbridge Waste Transfer Station (2899 Huon Highway),  Kingborough Council Civic Centre, and Barretta Waste Management Facility (Channel Hwy, Kingston).