If old electrical equipment is taking up storage space or collecting dust in your home or business, then get sorted with your family and workmates, have a big clean out and bring unwanted items to one of the free E-Waste Drop-off Events in North and North West Tasmania!

Accepted E-Waste items can be dropped off at:

Temporary E-Waste collection point at 46 Lamont Street (off Invermay Rd), Invermay between 10.00am and 4.00pm on Saturday 8th April – for FREE!

Spreyton Waste Transfer Centre (Bay Drive, Spreyton) between 11.00am and 4.00pm on Sunday 9th April – for FREE!

E-Waste items accepted at the events:

  • Televisions
  • Computers including laptops / notebooks and PDAs / tablets
  • Monitors and projectors
  • LCD / flat panel monitors
  • Printers and multi-functional devices
  • Power supplies and adapters
  • Electrical cords and cables
  • Computer parts and accessories
  • Toners and ink cartridges contained in a printer where they cannot be reasonably removed.

Can’t make it to Spreyton or Invermay on the day?
In the North West, you can drop-off accepted items at the Port Sorell, Sheffield, Ulverstone, White Hills, or Wynyard Waste Transfer Stations BEFORE 31 MARCH and we’ll deliver it for you.  Items can also be dropped-off before 9 April at the Spreyton Waste Transfer Station.

In Northern Tasmania, there are permanent E-Waste collection points at the Launceston, Exeter, Deloraine, Scottsdale, Longford and St Helen’s Waste Transfer Stations.

Be a good sort!  E-Waste is recycled to prevent materials contaminating local landfills and the environment.  Recycling E-Waste and re-using components also reduces the need for companies to extract or create new raw materials when making future electronic products.

This event is proudly brought to you by TechCollect, Cradle Coast Waste Management Group, Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Group with support from toxfree.

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