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Winners of the 2016 Waste NoT Awards

The winners of the third annual Waste NoT awards have been announced, with six projects selected for their innovative waste management initiatives in the north of the state.

Island Block and Paving won an award for their Sustainable Products for the Future project which focuses on using coloured, recycled glass aggregates to manufacture a unique, environmentally beneficial range of bricks, pavers, retaining wall blocks and concrete building blocks.

Flat Out Bottles Tasmania won an award for their creative recycling of wine and champagne bottles into cheese boards and bowls.

“Sustainability Project” which saw sustainable practices embedded into the daily running of the centre won Goodstart Early Learning Prospect Vale an award. This approach has helped teach the children to respect the environment and participate in experiences that build their understanding of the responsibilities, like recycling, necessary for a sustainable future.

Launceston Church Grammar has been tackling the difficult problem of implementing recycling bins in a high school environment. The students conducted a waste audit and determined an astounding 32% of the waste sent to landfill by the school could be diverted and have since targeted their efforts at increasing awareness that recycling is now the ‘norm’ for their school.

Browns Supa IGA won an award for their STAR (Stop Think And Recycle) project which donates close to out of date, best before and damaged goods to a local good samaritan who sorts through the product and delivers it to families in need.

SORT Recycling Tasmania won an award for their e-waste refurbishment program which creates employment and social interaction opportunities for disadvantaged groups. Collecting unwanted computers from individuals, community groups, businesses and government departments, SORT Recycling Tasmania refurbish the computers and then distribute them to children, young people, single parents, people with disabilities and elders in conjunction with state wide welfare agencies and service groups.

Each of the winners will be awarded a beautiful trophy made by local artist Michael Thomson from salvaged materials including timber from the old Egg Island bridge, aluminium windowsills, glass bottles and plastic crates. The trophies were presented at a morning tea on Thursday 18th August, at the Town Hall, Launceston

Harry Galea, Chair of the Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Group, said that the Waste NoT awards program is intended to encourage people to show off their good waste management practices.

“Good ideas like these will hopefully catch on,” said Harry. “If we can encourage behavioural change in waste management, even just a little bit, then there is a huge environmental and social benefit to be had.